Liberty neighbors want answers after persistent power outages spurred by storms

LIBERTY, Mo. — Neighbors living in Clay Woods, Clay Meadows and Clay Ridge subdivisions in Liberty are dealing with their second power outage in less than a week.

They say they have been given no explanation why this keeps happening. Now, they are demanding this problem is fixed.

“I pay my bill. If I didn’t want service, I wouldn’t pay my bill, Karen Bartlett said.

Bartlett said it’s almost like clockwork. When it storms, she knows a power outage will soon follow.

An inconvenience typically lasting between four and five hours. But recently, the situation is getting even harder to predict.

“It’s not always directed just toward the storms, sometimes it can be a clear day. The sun is shining, and we just randomly loose power without any explanation,” Bartlett said.

Neighbors share their frustrations on Facebook, and everyone agrees something must be done.

"When we first moved here, we didn’t have much of a problem. Seems like every year it's getting worse and worse. Last summer was really bad. Every couple weeks our power was going out,” said Amanda Beers, who lives in the Clay Meadows subdivision.

A spokesperson for KCP&L tells FOX4 only six outages have been reported to the company since June 2018. Majority were caused by natural occurrences, from wind to trees and one fuse issue.

The power company believes the ongoing power issues is a result of term called "blinking.” Blinking is a shorter intermediate outage that does not usually register with the company.

KCP&L said it's in contact with its Operations Department to find an exact cause and fix.

Until then, neighbors said they're preparing for another outage, possibly even Tuesday night, as more storms and rain are expected.

Bartlett said she can only hope the solution is found soon.

“I want answers. Why are we losing power so much? And I want it corrected.”

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