Hailstorm leaves Franklin County woman’s home covered with holes like gunfire

Data pix.

RANTOUL, Kan. -- On Monday night, one Franklin County woman says she experienced the sheer power of other Mother Nature as she took cover in her tub.

"It sounded almost like a big foghorn, very loud and pounding. It was so loud,” Janet Gutierrez said of the hail.

It's been two days, but as as Gutierrez walks around her home, she's still in shock.

"This is a first time. We've had some good thunderstorms and high winds, but nothing this severe at all,” she said.

A Monday evening hailstorm, one of the biggest dangers in a thunderstorm, heavily damaged her home of 17 years in a matter of minutes.

The hail pelted her home like artillery gunfire. The siding is now speckled with holes.

"I had thought they were leaves stuck to the house because we had so much wind, but it's Swiss cheese-like holes,” Gutierrez said.

She said her property was one of the few homes in the area to sustain this amount of damage.

The wind also knocked down trees and uprooted freshly planted flower beds.

Her home is now a reminder of how strong Mother Nature's wrath can be.

Gutierrez said while the destruction happened quickly, she knows fixing it will take much longer.

"It definitely has to be re-sided. Probably need a new roof because too many shingles are gone and pulled up," she said.

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