Local Girl Scouts visit Chiefs players for lessons about staying active, living healthy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Some Chiefs players paired up with much younger teammates Wednesday to explain why the number 60 is so important.

Experts say it’s the number of minutes kids should get outside and play every day. What better way to illustrate that than by playing?

A group of Chiefs linebackers weren’t taking the field at Arrowhead, but they did come out to an excited crowd.

The team hosted a group of Girl Scouts at the Chiefs Sports Lab. It’s an interactive playroom at the stadium with activities that promote daily activity, healthy living and balanced nutrition.

“I believe everybody has a good time dancing in front of the green screen and learning a bunch of facts about the body, so it was awesome," linebacker Reggie Ragland said.

Players partnered up with the girls in front of the green screen.

“I was doing the green screen. I was doing the pom poms, and I was just standing there because I was embarrassed!” Junior Scout Leyla Powell said.

“I think that’s really important, having the guys take the time out of practice or working out, you know, things like that,” her mother Kaitlin McLeese said.

The kids learned about the importance of playing for at least 60 minutes a day and also how football goes beyond pads and plays.

“A lot of the things in football, you can take to life, like getting hit on the ground," Ragland said. "In life, you’re going to get put on the ground. You got to get back up sometimes. You’re going to have good days and bad days, but the bad days are the days that make you in my opinion. Those are the days you have to push through being tired, sore. It’s just like in life, you have to push through everything.”

The Chiefs have a history of supporting scouts. They’re in the off-season right now, so they’ve got the time to do things like this. A group of tight ends will visit kids at KU Hospital on Thursday.

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