KCI airport to lose 400 parking spaces for new terminal construction

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two circle parking lots at KCI Airport are being permanently closed Friday, eliminating 400 parking spaces for frequent flyers who like to park close to Terminal B.

Construction of a new terminal will begin to impact parking and traffic flow.

The two surface parking lots, known as E-1 and E-2 are used most frequently by travelers who like to park close to the Southwest Airlines TSA pre-check.

Those lots are being shut down to make room for construction of a new parking garage and new KCI Terminal.

The Terminal B garage already fills up regularly, so aviation managers expect travelers to use the remaining circle parking lots, E-3 and E-4  or the Terminal C garage, which often has parking spaces available.

Economy parking is not affected by the massive $1.5-billion dollar project.

"In areas where we are tight already for parking, I expect that to continue," said Justin Meyer, aviation deputy director. "C garage might bump up, but we are already on track for our busiest year ever, so part of that is just natural with the growth of the airport as well."

By this time next year, traffic flow into KCI will be reversed so that drivers will reach Terminal C first, then terminal B, avoiding the construction site at Terminal A altogether.

And once that traffic flow is changed, it will remain that way for the next four years, until the new terminal opens.

Council members are urging the aviation department to be redundant in marking the traffic changes, because any change to longtime patterns drivers are used to, will be confusing.

For more information on parking at KCI go to: www.parkkci.com.

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