Sporting KC hosts youth soccer clinic to promote healthy living

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- We’ve heard it over and over again: Today’s kids aren't getting enough exercise.

This week, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic Children’s made the case that the problem is even worse than we thought.

So how do you get kids to put down their devices and get moving?

Wyandotte County’s Vibrant Health decided to team up with players from Sporting KC to show what an active lifestyle and healthy choices look like.

Sporting KC players Adrian Zendajas and Andreu Fontas worked on soccer skills with the kids while demonstrating where healthy choices can take you.

See all the fun they had with the little kids in the video player above.

“When you are so young it’s seems like it’s impossible,” Fontas said. “So sharing these moments with them, it’s good for them because they see we are normal people.”

Vibrant Health CEO Patrick Sallee said there’s only so many times a doctor or nurse can tell kids it’s important to eat your vegetables.

“It’s one thing at a doctor’s office, but if you can show it to them in practice and engage them with people that they look up to, like Sporting players, you find another way to deliver the message,” Sallee said.

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