Saturday’s severe threat

We’re continuing to be Weather Aware today because the entirety of our area is under a “Slight” risk for severe weather.  For us, I think this comes in two parts.  The timing is obviously very important with so many outdoor events and activities planned this weekend.

The Storm Prediction Center has already issued a discussion this morning regarding the possibility of a severe thunderstorm watch being issues within the next couple of hours.  As I write this, it’s a little after 8am, so that thought process still lines up with what we’ve been mentioning this morning in terms of severe weather development.

Our main severe weather threats today, especially with this early batch of thunderstorms, remains large hail and gusty winds in excess of 60 mph.  While tornadoes cannot be ruled out completely, that’s not the main focus for us today.  I know it’s easy to see what occurred yesterday in KS and NE with such vivid video of those tornadoes and worry today.  I simply don’t think that’s a big threat today, even though a couple of tornadoes are not out of the question.

Our development looks to be late morning into the early afternoon hours.  I want you to be Weather Aware starting at 10am and beyond.  This is a snapshot of our projected radar image just after 2pm today.  The initial development of storms will occur in individual cells before they merge into a large cluster.  This will be our best bet for some of that large hail and an isolated tornado before it becomes a heavy rain issue.

I’m expecting a lull in the precip by this evening before it picks back up again after dinner.  Does this mean your graduation and party is going to be safe outdoors?  Probably not.  I think some areas may remain dry or drier than others, but the rain picks back up again pretty quickly closer to sunset ahead of an approaching cold front.  Lightning and straightline wind is going to be the next threat as our severe weather threat picks up again tonight.

If you’re a light sleeper, this is when I would expect you to have an issue.  We’re going to experience some pretty heavy downpours and a lot of lightning as this front moves through overnight.  I’m expecting the tornado threat to be pretty low at this point, with gusty winds the main hazard later on.

Even if we avoid the severe weather threats today, heavy rainfall becomes an issue with 1-2″ of rain falling for many of us, with higher amounts in individual thunderstorms.  Remain Weather Aware and say tuned to the FOX 4 Weather App for updates from our team.

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