Looming rain ahead has lawn care services scrambling to stay on schedule

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Mo. -- Lawn care companies are having a tough time staying on schedule.

Benjamin Brasel, the owner of Benjamin Lawn and Landscaping in Prairie Village, said business was great up until about two weeks ago when the region was hit with several inches of rain.

“If we have two or three rain days during the week, we get pushed back additional days,” Brasel said. “I imagine everyone’s pretty slammed right now.”

Brasel, who has been in the lawn care business for 20 years, has at least five crews out during the week mowing grass. They average around 350 lawns a week.

When the weather puts a damper on their operation, it creates a backup and has a domino effect.

“It just piles up and pushes everything back,” he said

Brasel said his line of work is schedule intensive, and being organized is key to being successful.

“We just try and stay ahead of [the weather],” he said. “We won’t deliberately schedule anything on Fridays, so we have one makeup day for the week.”

He added that keeping customers in the loop is equally important.

“We’re able to send communication to our customers in bulk, so everyone that we skip, lets say on a Friday, can get a message that we know we missed their lawn and we’ll be there on Saturday – or whatever the case may be,” he explained.

With 2-5 inches of rain predicted in the next week, Brasel said staying on schedule will be a feat. But they’re going to work hard to stay caught up.

“We appreciate all the patience you can give this time of year because it’s tough,” he said.

When asked how often someone should cut their grass, Brasel joked that it depends on how often your neighbor mows their lawn.

It really is a personal preference, but keep in mind you can be cited in most cities for letting your grass grow too tall.

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