2 drivers, 4 children rescued from flooding near Grain Valley

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- First responders were busy Tuesday rescuing two drivers and four children, who were stranded inside their vehicles by rising floodwaters.

Firefighters used a boat to get a delivery truck driver to safety.

At about 10 a.m. when 911 callers reported that a Fed Ex delivery truck was stuck in high water. A mother also reported that she and her four children were trapped in her minivan by flood waters.

Firefighters say the area near East Duncan and Seymour roads commonly floods when we get heavy rain.

Rescue crews told the delivery driver to stay in the cab of the truck, while firefighters inflated a "zodiac" type of raft and then made their way out in the fast moving waters to get the driver out safely.

"We always say it's just a little bit of water that can sweep things away." Assistant Chief Eddie Saffell said, of the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District. "Getting out and walking in this, you just don't know what the road has done underneath, that kind of thing. So it's the safest place for him."

Less than half a mile away, sheriff deputies also rescued a mother and four young children from a minivan that became disabled in rising flood waters. The sheriff's department tells FOX4 the deputies waded into about two feet of fast moving waters to pull out the children and walk the mother to wet, but stable ground.

Both the mother and the Fed Ex driver declined to speak on camera about their ordeal, but the delivery driver did say the water was only up to his truck's wheel when he first drove into it. He says it rose a lot faster than he realized and he soon found himself stranded.

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