Recipes: Marco Polo’s Linguine & Broccoli Salad

This is the famous salad served at Marco Polo’s Italian Market & Deli and one of its most-requested recipes. You’re going to love this salad during the summer.

You can try any kind of pasta for this salad, but they use linguine at the restaurant. Be creative and add cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs because don’t forget — it’s summertime!


1/2 pound linguine pasta

12 broccoli florets raw and chopped.


1 cup salad dressing

3-4 cloves garlic minced

3/4 cup Romano cheese

Cracked black pepper

1/4 cup water

Salt to taste


Boil pasta according to package directions. Cut in 1-inch pieces. Mix salad dressing ingredients together. Add broccoli and pasta and toss. Season with salt.

Chill 1 hour before serving

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