Family thankful Linn County 16-year-old called home, found safe in Mississippi

LINN COUNTY, Kan. -- When Linn County teen Hannah Walters left her home on Friday, her family automatically assumed the worst.

With the help of police, the 16-year-old was found safe Saturday. Now, her family says they can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

On Sunday, Hannah Walters' family sat in their living room, eagerly waiting for her to walk back through the front door.

"We didn't think she'd be coming home," Walters' cousin Kayla Ferwalt said.

Walters was last seen leaving her home in Prescott, Kansas, on Friday evening. The 16-year-old was found safe in Mississippi on Saturday with 44-year-old Kenneth Jones.

Thanks to a call from Walters, police were able to track her down.

"She was scared. She kind of didn't sound like herself though like she was coherent. I don't know if he was by her when she was speaking to us, but she wanted to come home," Ferwalt said.

"She says she was blindfolded. She was taken out of a house, got into the car, didn't know where she was at," Walters' sister Julia Peoples said.

Peoples said Jones also lives in Prescott. Hannah was known to hang out at his house, as she is friends with his young daughters.

"I feel that he's an older man, and he has been preying on my sister for quite a while and doing some things that aren't OK," Peoples said.

Her family is grateful she called. They said that communication may have been her saving grace.

"Communicate with your children. Always be checking their phones. Have that bond with your children because thank God I did have that bond with her and she was calling me all the time," Peoples said.

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