Leavenworth County official encouraging people to stay away during initial storm cleanup

LINWOOD, Kan. -- While crews are working nonstop to help clean up devastated areas in Leavenworth County, area leaders are telling people to hold-off on individual volunteer efforts.

Officials in Leavenworth are encouraging people to stay away from some areas. Roadblocks are also preventing people from access.

At this stage in the cleanup process, Leavenworth Emergency Management Director Chuck Magaha said the extra people are hurting, more than helping.

“It’s really causing issues with it being a state highway that the responders and workers can not get the work done," Magaha said.

He said once the initial and serious needs of people in the county are met, like clearing debris and eliminating the threat of any danger, then the opportunity for individual volunteers will be made available.

“Wait until we get something established. Once we get something established, we'll get to where we need volunteers in there to help. The city of Leavenworth is not very bad. It’s the outskirts and rural areas that we are looking at. It’s not going to do us any good to get a lot of people out there and bogged-down the process," Magaha said.

The leaders also said the best way to volunteer is through an official organization.

They will be restricting some areas to first responders and homeowners, for now.

I.D. is being requested at certain roadblocks.

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