Pendleton’s Country Market suffers major damage after tornado near Lawrence

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- In just 24 hours, things have completely changed for the owners at Pendleton's Country Market in Lawrence.

After a tornado ripped through their farm on Tuesday, they're left picking up the pieces to their life. Two greenhouses and a damaged home are about all that's left of the country market.

"It’s very overwhelming. In fact, I have to admit I probably haven’t quite processed it yet what has happened here," owner John Pendleton said.

On Wednesday, cleanup on the farm began, and there were dozens of people out to help.

"The outpouring of help from all these people today. There’s this many people at every house in the neighborhood," owner Karen Pendleton said.

From the debris in the trees, blown-out windows and demolished buildings, the might of Tuesday's tornado can be seen through this damage.

"We were in disbelief. We were in the basement. We came out of the basement and the entire house had a tornado inside it. It’s very surreal when you come out," Karen Pendleton said.

The Pendletons may have lost most of their material possessions, but still have much to be grateful for.

"I realized that this is a wonderful place. Everybody is caring. We are hit hard, but I still have a house,"John Pendleton said.

The owners said they don't know what's next for their business.

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