Cleanup begins for Bonner Springs residents affected by storm, tornado

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. -- While Bonner Springs wasn't directly hit by the EF-4 tornado on Tuesday, there's still a lot of cleanup ahead.

Bonner Springs resident Don Harding is one of many homeowners paying for storm debris to be removed from his yard.

"It was probably a half mile away from here. But we got a lot of wind and rain, and it done some tree damage, my fence and car port and all that," Harding said.

There are trees on the rooftops of houses and even laid out across people's front yards.

"I know Linwood had a whole bunch of disaster volunteers over there. But I don't know that they know there was damage here," Harding said.

Tree cutter Brian Wagner said he feels the city isn't helping with curbside brush removal like it has during previous storms.

"There's multiple people who have already paid companies and paid them quite a bit of money to haul it away," Wagner said.

City Councilman Jordan Mackey said he understands people's frustration. But the city had to address other issues first, like flooding and damaged power lines.

"We've got the infrastructure back up and going. Now we can come out and clean up the trash and debris and try to work to the steps. But it has been a couple days. We can't do everything over night," Mackey said.

But the city said it's taking steps to help move the cleanup process along. Public works is going around and picking things up where they can.

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