KU professor catches Lawrence tornado on camera

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- A University of Kansas professor captured incredible images of Tuesday night's tornado as it moved through Douglas County.

Carol Holstead teaches journalism at KU.  Her home doesn't have a basement so she went to campus to stay safe during the storms.

She peered out from a high vantage point and saw the massive wedge tornado, now confirmed to be an EF-4, wrapped in rain and surrounded by dark clouds marching fast to the west.

She braced herself in a window and started rolling, then raced to shelter.

"When you're on top of the KU campus, it's very interesting because you do feel when there's a storm that your head's in the clouds. You can really see and you have that feeling that anything could happen and I looked up and could see the sky was that green color and decided even though that wasn't coming at me, something could come at me," said Holstead.

Holstead says her heart now goes out to all those who have suffered damage from these storms.

She plans to use her recording as a teachable moment for students on calmly capturing intense stories as they unfold.

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