Father says janitor walked in on his son being sexually assaulted at Missouri high school, didn’t intervene

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A father who’s not revealing his identity for the safety of his child, says his son was sexually assaulted multiple times at Maplewood Richmond Heights High School by another student.

“He’s had a lot of sleepless nights,” he said.

Court documents state that student is Latrell Watley. He was 18-years-old at the time, accused of sodomizing an underage classmate in October 2017.

The father of the victim said his son was forced by Watley to perform sexual acts on him. He also told News 4 a school janitor walked in on the two and didn’t intervene.

“It was passed on by another janitor that overheard another janitor saying something, and that janitor was responsible enough as an adult to go and let the principal know,” the father said.

Maplewood police detectives and the Maplewood police school resource officer investigated the incident and arrested Watley, who has been charged with statutory sodomy.

News 4 went by Watley’s home for a comment. A family member told News 4 he was not home, saying they are handling this matter.

Watley plans on seeking a plea deal.

News 4 requested to speak with an administrator with the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District. They declined News 4’s request for an interview, saying they cannot comment on student matters.

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