‘LOTR’ and ‘The Godfather’: Lucas and Justus open up on movies, music and favorite presidents

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Close campaigns are often decided as much on personality as policy. Recent polls show a close race between Kansas City mayoral candidates Quinton Lucas and Jolie Justus with many voters still saying they are undecided.

With election day less than a week away (Tuesday, June 18), FOX4 asked both candidates to reveal a bit more of their personal side, including favorite movies, books, music, U.S. Presidents and the last TV show they binge watched.


Jolie Justus: "Anytime one of the’ Lord of the Rings’ movies is on, I just let it run. It's something that I just can go back to over and over again."

Quinton Lucas: "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. I love ‘The Godfather.' I make Godfather references all the time. I enjoy it. I can watch it anytime, which is a problem for anybody who's around me, saying, ‘Oh no, not "The Godfather" again.’ I’m a big fan of it."

Last TV show you binge watched:

Justus: "‘Parks and Rec’ on NBC."

Lucas: "‘The Americans’ on F/X."

Music on your phone right now

Justus: "I'm listening to a lot of Beyonce right now. I'm absolutely in love with ‘Homecoming’ on Netflix and just absolutely loving what she's doing right now. I'm also, I'm a little bit country as well, so, you're not gonna look at my phone and miss out on that. And so, I like a lot of very strong women like Dolly Parton, that's another one that's a go-to for me."

Lucas: "Now see music is my weak spot because I'm a sports talk radio listener. If I'm driving around somewhere, that's what I'm listening to. But songs that are on my phone right now? I like classics, not classical, but like kind of some good ‘R & B’ stuff. Like everybody, I'm way too frozen in what I was listening to in high school. So there'll be some late 1990s stuff, Ludicrous--I was all about the Biggie- Tupac battle, but I listened to both of them along the way."

Favorite U.S. Presidents

Justus: "Barack Obama, obviously the closest on my mind. Absolutely incredible, what he was able to accomplish in his eight years. That was not an easy presidency. And he did some amazing things for this country, and he had a civility and ability to speak to the American public at times of extreme crisis. And, I was incredibly impressed with his tenure. So I think looking back historically, I'd probably say I go back to more of a Abraham Lincoln."

Lucas:   "Lincoln of course. I think Republicans would be in great shape if Lincoln came back tomorrow, but the world's changed. In addition to that, I actually have great respect, I’m from Kansas City, so great respect for Harry Truman from Independence. When I look to the executive order that desegregated the armed forces, I think that's a good example of leadership. And then, this is my wild card, I disagree with lots of things he did, including escalation of the Vietnam War conflict, but a President Johnson, Lyndon Not Andrew, he’s an interesting character. I went down to the LBJ library in Austin not long ago. And his efforts in connection with kind of improving, pulling people out of poverty, that sort of thing. He’s an interesting character from an interesting time in our country."

Favorite Book

Justus: Anything by author and historian David McCullough

Lucas: ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain

Extended interviews

FOX4 sat down for extended interviews recently with both candidates.

Hear more personal stories and FOX4's full interviews with both Justus and Lucas in the videos below.

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