Trump’s tweets on more ICE deportations coming hits home for metro family

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- President Donald Trump tweeted about another round of ICE deportations on the way, and it's hitting home for one Kansas City family.

In the tweet Trump said, "Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in. Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people."

Steve Stegall's wife, Letty, was deported to Mexico more than a year ago in March. ICE officials detained her at her home. The couple owns the Blue Line Hockey Bar in Kansas City's River Market.

Stegall said reading the president's tweet was upsetting, because he doesn't want other families to go through the same thing.

"Some of these people, like my wife, were going through the system and still got deported," Stegall said. "So, I just see a rerun of what happened to my life, and it`s a tragedy for these people."

Letty Stegall illegally came to the United States from Mexico around 20 years ago. She was arrested in 2012 for driving under the influence in Kansas, and spent 30 days in jail. Stegall says his wife was cooperating with immigration officials at the time of her deportation.

"When he was elected this was our fears," Stegalls said. "That, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to start coming after' -- and sure enough. Even though he said he’s just coming after criminals - they’re coming after everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard worker or contribute, or not. He’s going to come after you."

Letty is living in Mexico applying to return to the US through an I-130 visa that is reserved for international marriages. Steve said they started the process to get her back when she was taken out of the country, and believes they are nearing getting her back to Kansas City.

"She is waiting for an interview with the embassy, so she will be back," Stegall said. "She’s looking at sometime next year. 2020 we will have her back."

The president hasn't indicated any details about the possible deportations. In his tweet the president indicated he believes democrats in congress are holding up reforms to border security.

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