Needle, tourniquet found on Kansas City street has neighbors worried

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many houses just south of Waldo, around 89th Terrace and Main, have been recently remodeled.

But neighbors are worried how many times they've found syringes laying on the streets around the neighborhood.

"The syringes have become a recent development in our neighborhood," Diane Euston said. "There's a lot of people who have put a lot of money and investment into the area. A syringe in any neighborhood is unacceptable. We're only a block and a half from an elementary school and three blocks from a high school."

Euston said she's talked to neighbors who've seen syringes before and thinks they're the result of more people walking around late at night.

"People who take insulin aren't going to drop their syringe on the street most likely," Euston said. "I hate to believe -- I don't want to think this is drug related, but it most likely is."

Scott Edwards, an outdoor salesman, walks around during the daytime and worries the needles, which could be used, will end up in the wrong hands.

"I'm on the streets all the time trying to help people out," Edwards said. "And that's obviously something that's not helping people out. It's a concern."

That concern is why Euston decided to pick up and toss out the needle, very carefully, with kitchen tongs and garden gloves.

"It's everybody's job to keep the community safe and pretty and well maintained," she said.

Kansas City police said they don't know of increased drug use in the area, but encourage neighbors to call them and let them know of any problems.

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