Unsung hero helps tornado victims in Excelsior Springs

Data pix.

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- When a tornado ripped through cities and homes across the metro in May people came out of the woodworks to help those affected. That includes one man who made his way to Excelsior Springs to help.

Just driving along the road in the Watkins Mill Meadows neighborhood you wouldn't know it, but David Warren doesn't live there.

"That's what we ought to do is come out volunteer and help our neighbors in times like this," Warren said.

He's putting in hours of work to clean up debris on other people's properties -- picking up sticks, stacking branches and bringing a positive attitude to a neighborhood beat up by an EF-2 tornado.

"You can almost see the direction the tornado went through" Warren said.

Shingles were torn off houses and entire trees were uprooted and tossed over by the twister.

"I've been out here just about every day picking stuff up," thankful neighbor Joe Geiss said.

"Just that little bit extra really does make a difference I think," Warren said.

Warren knows the extra help means the world to his neighbors about ten minutes to the east.

"In five days we spent over 70 hours doing cleanup and without the help from these other people there's no way we could've gotten it done," Dave Massey said, "We're very thankful."

Warren admitted it's nice to hear 'thank you,'  but he's just happy everyone's okay.

"I say they just need to thank God for no loss of life and what a blessing that is," Warren said.

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