Severe storms possible again, remain Weather Aware tonight

This morning we've had a few showers and storms in the metro area.  They've hung around a bit longer into the morning, but I'm still expecting the skies to clear out later this afternoon.  If you'll notice in the video above (or even just the thumbnail,) most of us have been highlighted in the "Slight" risk category in the yellow.

Since the latest update at 8AM, most of the metro area is now included in the "Enhanced" risk highlighted by the Storm Prediction Center.  This is #3 of their 5 categories.

While I'd like you to remain Weather Aware, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the day.  Eventually the sun will come out, and it will become quite hot and sticky in the process.

Any storms left over this morning won't really have the severe component attached to them.  As I mentioned, most of our daytime hours moving forward are going to be dry.  The closer we get to sunset, the better opportunity we have for severe thunderstorms.

I expected several clusters of storms to develop out west between 6-8 PM and slowly drift off to the east.  These storms will push off to the southeast in a similar fashion to Friday morning.  In fact, some of the threats are very similar as well.

The later you're out after sunset tonight, the more likely you're going to deal with some heavy rain.  At the very least, I would expect a lot of lightning from these storms as well as torrential rain.

In terms of severe weather threats, I mentioned the similarities to Friday morning earlier.  Wind damage and smaller hail are going to be the main severe threats.  Flash flooding is also a good possibility as well.  We had around 2" of rain from Friday morning's storms.  That's not out of the question tonight either.  Download the FOX 4 Weather App to stay up to date while you're on the go.  I'll also update you on the various social platforms as well.

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