‘It was like a bomb went off’: Lightning strikes home in Overland Park and fourplex in Lee’s Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- There was an average of 1,100 lightning strikes every hour during the peak of the storms that rolled through the metro Saturday evening. The last 24 hours for some people, that lightning came too close for comfort.

Thirty-seven-year-old Dustin Loomis was sitting at home Saturday night playing video games when lightning struck the fourplex he lives at in Lee's Summit.

"It was like a bomb went off," Loomis said. "There was a very large flash that went around with it and you heard the thunder. There was no question of what took place."

Loomis was shaken but he went on about his evening. It wasn't until an hour later he realized two of the units next to his were on fire.

"I mean, there was no evidence here. I guess we have a fire wall or something that protected my place."

Lee's Summit firefighters said the fire started in the first floor utility rooms and traveled up a wall the two units share.

"There was a whole lot of smoke coming out of the chimney and just off of the roof it appeared," Loomis said.

The people who live in the units were not home.

Nine hours later in Overland Park, fire crews responded to a home on Bradshaw that was also hit by lightning. Video from the department shows little damage with the exception of the home's electrical system.

Firefighters said the charred electrical outlets and light switches indicate the lightning likely traveled through the home's wiring. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

For Loomis, he`s holding on to the old saying 'lightning never strikes the same place twice.'

"It's never happened to me before. Hopefully it doesn't again."

Loomis and his neighbors units were not damaged.

FOX4 was told the people in Overland Park are staying with friends and family until it's safe for them to return home.

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