Record broken: Wettest start to the year in KC history

I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a rainy first half of the year.  We still haven’t hit 90 officially, it’s been cooler, and it seems like it’s always rainy.  The torrential rain over the last 24 hours has solidified it: Kansas City is on pace for the wettest year in history.  I encourage you to look at Joe’s latest blog post for further information regarding specifics from last night and how this rainy season shapes up in comparison to the rest of summer.

We got over 3.5″ of rain on Saturday into Sunday in just a few hours.  Our yearly total is now close to 32 inches and counting!  To put this into perspective, our YEARLY average is just shy of 39″ and we’re probably going to be ahead of that in a month or two.

29.91″ was the previous high total for this date.  Records have been kept since 1888 and are deemed official from KCI’s station, for reference.

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