Joe’s Weather World: Hello summer heat and humidity (MON-6/24)

It’s a beautiful day in the KC region as the nasty weather from the weekend has moved away from the area and the temperatures are very comfortable for early summer in these parts. This week will be characterized by heat and humidity as summer sort of settles in for a bit of time. There is one chance of decent rain coverage this week…and that would be Tuesday night. After that your yard will need to rely on more scattered/isolated activity more typical of summer weather around these parts…heat of the day type stuff.

  • Forecast:

Today: Partly cloudy and pleasant with highs 80-85°

Tonight: Fair and pleasant with lows in the 60s

Tuesday: Getting more seasonable with muggy conditions and highs in the mid-upper 80s

Tuesday night: Storms are possible especially in N MO…lows in the 60s

Wednesday: Warm and humid in the afternoon but the morning may be rather pleasant. Highs near 85°

  • Discussion:

I was sort of hoping we’d get through the week “generally” dry but there is at least one more disturbance that will need watching for later tomorrow into tomorrow night.

A cold front will be moving southwards through IA/NE later tomorrow…this front will be coming into some pretty decent heat and building instability across NW MO and NE KS…this should result in storms south of the I-80 corridor.

The issue though is the movement of the storms…which may be southeastwards or southwards. As the storms organize…they will start sending out an outflow and that outflow should move southwards Tuesday evening. This should create new storms closer to the KC area…or the storms that develop later Tuesday will move our way…either way…storms are increasingly likely in the region later tomorrow into tomorrow night. This was alluded to in yesterday’s blog

The main risk of severe weather will likely be north of KC…but the storms may create some gusty winds in the area when they blow through. The higher risk is farther northwards…but I can’t rule anything out locally either.

The above outlook from SPC…issued today seems reasonable to me. The farther south you go the lessor chance of severe storms.

Some more locally heavy rains are not out of the question.

We’re sort of trying to realign the atmosphere for drier weather locally but we just are struggling to get there totally. I do thin we’ll start drying out but it’s not as if a drought is going to settle in…rain chances may come back next week again.

The rain has become a constant thing obviously…every month this year has been above average for moisture…winter…spring…and now June. This tweet was sent out yesterday by the NWS

Then today…

and in the so what else is new department…more flooding.

More red dots/squares showing up…that indicated moderate flooding. Most rivers have peaked again and are dropping. We’ll see what happens with the storms tomorrow night.

Hopefully the rain is more sporadic for a bit of time after tomorrow night…

Our feature photo comes from Manny Worrell‎ of the great sunset from last night…


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  • sedsinkc (@sedsinkc)

    With tomorrow night’s rain chance, KC still has a chance to set a new record for most rainfall over a two month span. Currently at 20.46 inches for May/June. In June/July 1969, 20.86 inches of rain fell. While long range forecast calls for better chances of a wet July than a dry one, I am looking forward to seeing if this wet pattern starts to relent in August or September. While I don’t fully buy into your competitor’s weather pattern theory as he tries to sell it, I do think there is *something* to be said for seasonal persistence of weather patterns. Some years it seems very clear, while others less so. This year the wet pattern has been unmistakable since last fall, though November was not very wet.

    • Joe Lauria

      Oh I don’t have any issues with persistence in weather patterns and how certain features are dominant…no issues with that whatsoever…directly relating one storm to another is my issue at this point. jl

  • sedsinkc (@sedsinkc)

    Thanks for the link, sir, Unfortunately I got a “404 file not found” when I clicked on it. Would have like to read that, but that’s ok. Thanks also for gently correctlng my sloppy research on 2 rain totals. Should’ve had my knuckles rapped for that, lol. Stopped checking records before the interval of March/April and after August/September.

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