810 radio host Kevin Kietzman taken off air indefinitely after comments about Andy Reid’s family

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An 810 Sports Radio host has been taken off the air indefinitely for comments he made about Chiefs coach Andy Reid and his family.

Union Broadcasting said Tuesday that Kevin Kietzman is now off the air until further notice as they review controversial comments he said on Monday.

During his midday show, Kietzman was talking about the latest news on Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs wide receiver will be meeting with NFL investigators this week in connection to the recent child abuse investigation.

That's when Kietzman argued Reid isn't good at fixing players and has "had a lot of things go bad on him, family and players."

Kevin Kietzman

“The second thing is, they probably think they can fix him, but they thought they could fix him before and they failed," Kietzman said of the team's approach to Hill. "Andy Reid does not have a great record of fixing players. He doesn’t."

"Discipline is not his thing. It did not work out particularly well in his family life, and that needs to be added to this as we’re talking about the Chiefs. He wasn’t real great at that either. He’s had a lot of things go bad on him, family and players."

Many assumed the sports radio host was referencing Reid's son, Garrett Reid, who died from an unintentional heroin overdose in 2012.

But Kietzman later posted on Twitter saying, he "never mentioned one word about the tragic death of Andy Reid's son and quickly corrected a caller who did."

He went on to say, "It never was NEVER mentioned or discussed and NEVER entered my mind. It makes me sad that somehow that’s what some of you thought I was saying."

The next day, after WHB's parent company announced they were taking him off air, Kietzman issued a recorded apology to Reid and reiterated his previous tweets.

Earlier this month, the Johnson Count district attorney said there’s no longer an active investigation into the child abuse allegations against Hill.

But District Attorney Steve Howe told FOX4 he still stands by what he has said before -- that he believes Hill’s 3-year-old son was abused but can’t prove who is responsible.

That day, on 810-WHB Kietzman told fans he’s disgusted the team is keeping Hill around.

“If you’re cheering that the legal system got stymied on this one, and 'Oh boy, that's great news. They couldn’t figure this one out. Woo hoo! I’m going to Arrowhead!' My god, look in the mirror,” Kietzman said on his afternoon show.

But Kietzman later broke news, citing sources close to the investigation believe the 3-year-old broke his arm in an accident where he was bracing for a fall.

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