Sheriff’s office says attorney was found with pocket knife during May screening at Jackson County jail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Detention Center’s security screening process stopped an attorney’s knife from getting inside the jail last month.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s office, a security screening process was implemented on May 16 for safety and security purposes. The screening process was put in place so everyone entering the jail or having contact in the jail with inmates must go through a metal detector.

On May 16, the first full day of the security screening, an attorney was seen on surveillance video pulling out a plastic baggie with a pocket knife in it from her purse. The attorney gave the knife to the desk officer. The attorney was there to visit an inmate who was awaiting sentencing for murder charges.

Sheriff Darryl Forte’ said this incident is why the jail must have a security screening in place.

“While we do not know what her intentions for having the knife were, the security screening process served its purpose as a deterrent.”

Forte’ points out that all weapons are prohibited inside correctional institutions which is common knowledge.

“There will be no special privileges granted to any group. individual, or organizations,” Forte’ added. “We will continue to make necessary changes and adjustments to ensure that the safety and security of all remain a priority.”

The security measures were established to reduce illegal contraband from entering the jail. 

Female attorneys have protested the new security measures saying they’ve been denied access after their underwire bras, or even metal hip and knee implants, have set off the alarm.

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