Little kitten found in KC shipping container survives after being trapped for several days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A little kitten found in a shipping container in Kansas City has survived after likely being trapped for at least a week.

KC Pet Project said a local shipping company employee brought the kitten to its shelter Wednesday afternoon.

The KC resident found three kittens in a shipping container. Sadly, two were dead — but a third kitten was still alive.

Cargo the kitty

The employee said the container the kittens were found in is the type that might not be opened for 1-2 weeks, so the little kitten that lived had been inside for quite a long time.

KC Pet Project’s veterinary team got the kitten emergency treatment. They said he was extremely dehydrated and starving, so they gave him fluids and tried to get him to eat some solid food.

Then after an afternoon of fluids, a vet technician took him home overnight and said he finally ate Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

KC Pet Project said the little kitten is already feeling better and starting to move on his own Thursday morning.

The sweetest part: Shelter staff named the kitten Cargo.

He’s going to a foster family while he continues to get medical care and gets some socialization after all he’s been through.

Cargo eats some kitty food

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