ICE confirms case of mumps in Kansas facility; 22 others exposed

COTTONWOOD FALLS, Kan. — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed a case of mumps inside of a facility in Kansas.

In a statement, ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer said on July 1, there was one inmate at the Chase County Kansas Detention Center in Cottonwood Falls who tested positive for mumps.

ICE also identified 22 other detainees who may have come into contact with the infected inmate.

Neuader said those people are being kept separate from the general population, but that none of them are in isolation because they are not sick at this time. They will be kept separate until July 16.

In June, CNN reported that 5,200 people being held in ICE detention facilities across the country had been exposed to mumps or chicken pox.

ICE said detainees can come from countries where communicable diseases are less controlled than in the U.S.

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