Apparent bobcat spotted kicking back on residential lawn in Harrisonville, Missouri

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Police were warning residents on July 6 after what appears to be a bobcat was seen lounging in someone’s backyard.

The feline was spotted between Patton Street and Harrisonville High School, according to a Facebook post by the police department. This neighborhood is just south of the Harrisonville City Park, which contains two lakes.

Bobcats get its name from the animal’s short, “bobbed” tail that only grows 4 to 6 inches, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Pictures of the animal match the departments description of a bobcat, including a tawny coat with black spots, tufted ears and flares of fur around the jowls. The animal is 2 to 4 feet long and weighs up to 40 pounds.

In the pictures, the animal appears to take a stroll through the neighborhood, stopping to lay down and relax near a patio to enjoy the sunny weather.

It seemed fitting that the wild cat felt right at home in this community. Afterall, the high school mascot is the Wildcats.

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