Two cousins killed in separate Kansas City shootings days apart

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Following a violent holiday weekend in Kansas City, one family is hurting and searching for answers after two cousins were both shot dead in two separate incidents.

“The family is broken a part. Normally we get together, it’s two different homicides, two different families. This is all one family. Ya’ll all together," said Pastor Timothy Hayes of 24 Hour Faith Training Center.

Tuesday evening, the family is coming together for a prayer vigil and balloon release, because that's when they say they can feel a little bit of comfort.

For Kimberly Pelton, she said she is still trying to comprehend her daughter's death.

“Ki’essence had a beautiful smile. She was a sweet person. Ki’essence didn’t get out to party, the didn’t do none of that. She liked to get out and have fun, but she wasn’t a street person. She was a good mother to these babies," Kimberly Pelton said.

Twenty-five year old Ki`essence Pelton was sitting in the passenger seat of a car near 39th and Myrtle Avenue  when she was shot early Sunday morning.

She was rushed to the emergency room, she`d die a short time later, leaving her two young daughters, ages 5 and 10-months behind.

I went from being a grandmother, to now, I have to become the mother of these children. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I know Ki’essence is going to give me the strength to make it through. I’m angry because they took my baby. She didn’t this, at all," Pelton's mother said.

While Pelton is still processing her daughter's death, she's also grieving her young cousin Charles.

Eighteen-year old Charles Pelton was shot late Monday night in a church parking lot near East 103rd Street following a late night basketball game.

In a matter two days days, two shootings and two separate incidents ripping this family apart.

Hayes said this tragic scenario is just another example of what's happening in the city. Family members calling for justice for both.

“Neither one of them deserved to be murdered like this. They loved each other, they had a close bond, for somebody to take them from our family. It don’t make sense. It don’t," Pelton said.

The family is in the process of planning a combined funeral.

They are also reminding people of the $25,000 reward for information leading to arrests in these cases.

If you have information, call the Tips hotline at 474-TIPS.

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