Parkville officer resigns after arrest and charges of assault, dangerous use of his weapon

Scott Hacker

PARKVILLE, Mo. — Serious accusations against a Missouri officer have led to his resignation.

That officer, who was arrested over the weekend, is charged with dangerous use of his gun and assaulting a woman.

The former officer in question is 39-year-old Scott Hacker. Hacker is accused of hitting a woman during an argument that involved neighbors shooting fireworks.

Hacker has since resigned his position with the Parkville Police Department.

He was placed on leave from his job when he was arrested by Platte County deputies.

Hacker quit his position as soon as he was bailed out of jail on Monday. He’d been with the police department for only a year.

The incident happened Saturday night when neighbors complained Hacker had been shooting his gun in the air.

Court records also say Hacker, who was off-duty, had been drinking, which he didn’t deny.

Hacker and his neighbors argued and police reports say he grabbed one of them by the throat and threw her onto a couch.

Platte County District Attorney Eric Zahnd said the entire incident was recorded on a video surveillance system.

“That’s the power of the today’s home security system,” Zahnd said.  “Inside and outside, in a case like this, ultimately let the judge and the jury see exactly what was happening during the alleged events”

Hacker denied assaulting the woman and shooting his gun. Hacker doesn’t have a court date yet to answer to these charges.

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