‘Reflecting Motion’ Union Station sculpture downed by severe thunderstorm winds

Picture of the Reflecting Motion sculpture on the ground

The “Reflecting Motion” sculpture lays partially on the ground on July 10. Severe thunderstorms produced high winds that disabled some of the rope rigging.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A severe thunderstorm bulldozed its way across the metro area on July 10, downing the “Reflecting Motion” sculpture at Union Station.

The sculpture is an ultra-light sculpture of rope and metallic streamers meant to reflect the movements of flocks of birds or schools of fish. As the wind moves through the sculpture, it constantly reshapes itself, according to Union Station’s website.

While the art piece relies on the breeze for its effect, too much wind is a bad thing. The thunderstorm produced fast winds that downed the sculpture.

Picture of Reflecting Motion display damaged by wind

Wind from a severe thunderstorm downed the “Reflecting Motion” display at the WWI Museum in Kansas City on July 10, 2019.

Officials from Union Station told FOX4 that the piece is designed to break apart in high wind. A professional trained on the sculpture will come and redo the rigging that holds up the rope.

The sculpture kicked off on May 18 to similarly stormy, though less windy, skies.

The exhibit is open through September 2 in the Haverty Family Yards.

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