Crime Files CSI: FOX4 goes inside KCPD’s crime lab

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KANSAS CITY -- We know what it's like in Hollywood's crime labs, but ever wonder what it's like in a real crime lab?

FOX4 went where no cameras have ever gone before. Kansas City Police Department's all-in-one forensic science lab. See all the parts in the series, below.

What happens when a crime scene clears

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There’s a whole process in between we’ve never showed you this in depth before. FOX4 is investigating what happens when the crime scene clears.

Science's role in a crime scene

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When they get evidence from crime scenes, scientists don't know what scene it's from. They operate with no bias, and under the highest-level checks and balances.

The bar is set high for anyone who wants to do forensic science in Kansas City. FOX4 takes you behind the scenes in some of the most high tech crime work in the country.

Collecting evidence

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The crime has been committed. The first crucial steps of evidence collection are complete.

In many jurisdictions, the stuff is then sent off to experts for testing. Results are sent back to get used in court.

The fact that this is an all-in-one lab puts KC on the map.

When evidence leads to the smoking gun

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You see it a lot on TV: The matching fingerprint -- the smoking gun. In this mock crime scene, the criminal left behind evidence of both. Watch the video to see investigation in action.

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