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Man gets DUI after drunkenly crashing Bird scooter into cop car

dui scooter

Photo from the Kansas City Police Department.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Driving drunk is illegal, police are warning KC residents. Yes, even on scooters.

Police arrested a man on July 18 after he ran into a police SUV at 9:45 p.m, according to the Kansas City Police Department’s website. The reason? Driving under the influence.

A KCPD sergeant was driving his cruiser when he saw a man on a Bird scooter driving “erratically” on the sidewalk. The officer heard a “thud” and thought he had run over something, the press release states.

When the officer got out of his car, he found a 47-year-old man sitting on the ground with a cut on his face and an overturned scooter.

The man was arrested after he told the sergeant he had drunk four beers over the past two hours.

Not only is riding a scooter while drunk illegal. City ordinance also requires scooters be ridden on the street, not the sidewalk.

Police say that, other than a face print, the SUV was not damaged.

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