Summer’s sweltering heat poses a major danger for tire blowouts, experts warn

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- The scorching summer months also bring one of the biggest and deadliest danger on the roads- blowouts.

The combination of the sweltering summer heat, roasting asphalt and rolling wheels can not only be dangerous, but it can be deadly.

"If they're slick there's a chance that it will blow," said Sgt. Bill Lowe with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

He said when temperatures heat up, so does the number of tirerelated crashes.

From May through October, experts say highways turn into tire graveyards from the strips and chunks of rubber from tires, in what's knows as "blowout season."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 19,000 injuries in tire-related crashes, and 738 people were killed.

Josh Burnett and his crew at KC Rim Shop & Audio said the impacts of the crashes aren't just limited to the initial driver.

"Generally it tears up your car. You hit it, tears up your bumper or it stabs your tire and then your tire catches a flat," he said.

He said his crew has been working around the clock keeping up with demand from drivers. He said the tread depth on your tires helps to keep your tire cool against the heat, and he warns that old tires and those with cracks also pose dangers.

"Typically this time of year there's going to be more of that with just the heat and tires on the road," he said.

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