Excelsior Springs police warn residents to be on lookout for credit card skimmers

Image courtesy of Excelsior Springs Police Department

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — Excelsior Springs police issued a warning to residents Tuesday to tell them to keep their eyes peeled for skimmers on machines.

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, several people have reported fraudulent use of their credit and or debit cards.

“We are working to determine a common location the victims have made purchases in our area, and are checking those locations for possible card ‘skimmers.'”

Police suggested that those who think they are a victim of this need to first report the unauthorized charges to their bank or credit card company. From there, those who wish to make a police report need to contact the law enforcement agency in the area where the charge occurred or where you live.

Those who live in Excelsior Springs should call (816) 630-2000. You can also walk in a report to the department. They suggest that you bring a recent list of card transactions with you.

Police said gas station pumps are common places where thieves put skimmers.

“You can avoid skimmers by using only the most visible pumps at a gas station,” the post said. “Crooks will often use the furthest or least visible pumps to install skimming devices.”

You can also pay inside.

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