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Woman at home where Clinton officer was killed pleads guilty to second-degree murder

CLINTON, Mo. — The woman Clinton police encountered shortly before they were hit by deadly gunfire that killed Officer Ryan Morton and injured two others has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Tammy Widger

Tammy Widger also pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge Friday in a plea agreement in Henry County.

On March 6, 2018, a county 911 operator sent Clinton police officers to a home at 306 W. Grandriver St. where they encountered Widger.

On the 911 call, an operator could hear two women arguing in the background, but no one was directly speaking to operators. The 911 call-tracing system indicated the phone from which the call was coming was connected to the Grandriver Street address Widger was at.

After further investigation, police realized the call had actually come from Windsor, about 15 miles away.

When police arrived at the Grandriver Street home to investigate, they said Widger told them nothing was wrong and that she didn’t call 911, nor did anyone in the house.

Police told her that due to the nature of 911 call, they needed to check the home to make sure no one was in need inside. As they did, police said 37-year-old James Waters opened fire on them. The gunfire killed Officer Morton.

Although Waters’ is the believed killer, prosecutors in Missouri are able to charge an accessory to a crime with the same charge if that person aids another in planning, committing or attempting to commit the offense.

Widger’s sentencing will take place on Sept. 20.

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