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Missouri man who cured his own mysterious disease now helping others

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVR)— A man who used his ingenuity to cure his own bizarre medical issues is now helping others find solutions to their problems.

Doug Lindsay was bedridden for 11 years after being medically incapacitated while going to college at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. He finally diagnosed his own rare medical condition, invented a surgery and then cured himself.  The story went viral.

“The word I’m getting from CNN is that it was a story that was as big or on par with the Notre Dame fire, the Mueller Report, and the top health story of the year,” said Doug Lindsay.

Thousands of people are now reaching to Doug Lindsay, who isn’t a physician, looking for hope and maybe a new approach in figuring out their own medical mysteries.

“What I ended up doing was viewing myself as a scientist. Doctors offer medical opinions but in science, opinions aren’t facts,” said Doug Lindsay.

For 11 years doctors were baffled at what Lindsay was suffering from. But with hard work, a lot of studying, determination, and countless calls with medical professionals Lindsay successfully diagnosed himself an autonomic nervous system disorder. It attacked his heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, digestion and more.

“I was able to say, ‘I think I have an autonomic problem.’  Doctors said, ‘problems like yours don’t exist.’ I said, ‘but they could.’ The idea that a system is in the body and nothing could go wrong with it sounded silly to me,” said Doug Lindsay.

He was right. But at the time no surgery was known to cure the problem. That was, no human surgery.

“I found the surgery that I needed, that people thought was impossible, was possible in rats. Then I dug further and found it was done in cats and dogs,” said Doug Lindsay.

Through more perseverance, he convinced the medical community and eventually a surgeon, to do the surgery. It was a success.

“Where I am now is more like somebody who is more healthy than I was. I still have struggles, but a lot of people do,” said Doug Lindsay.

Lindsay now travels and speaks to corporations, doctors and medical students. He has also spoken at Harvard. He is also helping individuals as a personal medical consultant.

“I’m not a physician but I can bring a level of problem-solving and medical sophistication to support doctors and patients who are stuck get unstuck,” said Doug Lindsay.

To reach Doug Lindsay for speaking engagements go to To reach Doug Lindsay for patient help

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