8-year-old finds .357 magnum while snorkeling in New Hampshire lake

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An 8-year-old boy was snorkeling with his dad at a lake in New Hampshire when he made an alarming discovery.

Usually when the pair snorkel together they find things like fishing gear and golf balls. But Tuesday, the boy found a .357 magnum in the water.

Jack Heaton said he wasn't even sure if it was a real gun.

"I saw something shiny, so i just dived down, grabbed it, then brought it back up and showed it to my dad," Jack said.

"He came up holding it and I was like, whoa!" his father Jason Heaton said.

"I was thinking, 'oh, it's a BB gun,' and then he told me it was a real gun," Jack said.

Jack's father called police. Police confirmed the .357 magnum was not loaded and was stolen from a home years ago.

Police say this serves as a reminder. Tell your kids to tell an adult immediately whenever and wherever they might come across a firearm.

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