Heat advisory in place Monday with triple-digit heat index in forecast

Could you feel the stickiness in the air this afternoon?  It didn’t take long after the clouds separated after that morning rain. It was incredibly humid today and it’s only going to get worse Monday afternoon.  Monday morning, a few showers and storms may develop after the warm front passes through.  That’s one of the big reasons it’s going to get a bit more hot and humid on Monday.

A Heat Advisory is in place for Monday afternoon for most of our area.  The only areas that aren’t in the advisory will be affected by that cold front I’ve illustrated above.  It won’t be quite as hot for as long as that cold front will eventually bring us some relief.

Most of our dew point temperatures today were in the low to mid 70s.  This is the best measure for moisture in the air when it comes to humidity.  Anything over 75 is horribly uncomfortable and we’re going to get close to 80 Monday.

With air temperatures expected to be in the mid 90s, heat index readings are expected to be between 105-110 for several hours on Monday.  Limit your time outdoors if possible and drink plenty of water if you have to be outside.  Relief arrives on Tuesday, so this will be relatively short lived.

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