Heat and humidity return, Heat Advisory in place to start the week

After all, it’s still August, so we should probably expect this.  Did we need it so soon after the rounds of heavy rain we’ve gotten over the last few days, though?  Our average high temperature this time of year is still 88 degrees, after all.

A Heat Advisory has already been issued for much of our area on Tuesday from 1-8 PM.  Areas to the NE may get a bit of a break from one of those rain complexes that dives south overnight, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Monday’s no picnic either.  High temperatures will be closer to 90 degrees in the afternoon, but let’s focus on what it feels like.  Some heat index readings will push 105 degrees in areas to the south.  This is hot still, but how come there’s no heat advisory Monday?  In short, it’s going to feel even hotter!

Let’s get back to that potential relief.  An overnight complex of thunderstorms is forecast to dive south and have a greater impact on northern MO.  At this point, I think this is more of a central MO and St. Louis storm, but a slight shift will have a drastic impact on our temperatures, even if it’s brief.

Tuesday afternoon looks to be another scorcher.  In fact, there are some suggestions that the Heat Index could be close to 100 by as early as 10 AM that day.  Even if those storms move in, it’s only brief relief.  Expect it to be hot and incredibly humid Tuesday regardless.


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