KCP&L and Westar expected to combine under new name ‘Evergy’ in October

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Power & Light have announced the merger with Westar will culminate soon under a new name – Evergy.

KCP&L said the reintroduction will take place in October 2019 in a Facebook post, but the post didn’t specify a date.

“We can’t wait to reintroduce ourselves,” the post states.

The merger is a long time in the making. In 2016, the two companies addressed public concern at a merger hearing in Topeka where they explained the transaction and took comments from customers.

Some people who spoke at the meeting raised concerns that the merger would increase rates. Great Plains Energy, which owns KCP&L, would be incurring a $3.5 billion debt.

That 2016 transaction didn’t go through, but the companies proposed a new transaction in 2017. That proposal was approved in June 2018 and resulted in the changes announced Tuesday.

Officials at KCP&L said the merger would help rates go down. The company’s website currently states the merger will ensure “no changes to base rates in Kansas for at least five years and smaller, less frequent rate-change requests for all in the future.”

The website also states that almost half of the energy provided will be emission-free.

People who are looking for information on their current energy use should still use their respective companies until instructed otherwise.

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