Rockhurst University volleyball fighting the heat in gym with no air conditioning

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tuesday's heat advisory is forcing high schools and colleges to call an audible for their athletes.

Practicing in extreme heat is typical for the Rockhurst University volleyball team. The gym they practice in doesn't have any air conditioning.

But on days where temperatures soar sky high, coaches and trainers make sure to keep players safe.

Rockhurst is revving up practices ahead of their first game in a couple weeks. Despite the high temps outside, it's business as usual inside this gym with no A/C.

"It's not that we make a joke out of it, but we try to make it a little bit fun or we'd be miserable practicing in here," senior Alyssa Woodman said.

Fans blast, and there are more water breaks and less time on the court. But practice is never canceled.

"We haven't had that in my 32 years. We've always practiced. It does get hot in here. The brick and the stone keep the heat," Head Coach Tracy Rietzke said.

The university said there's no need to cancel indoor practices when properly following NCAA protocols and listening to players needs.

"They have different mandatory breaks. When it gets hot like this, 20 minute practice and 10 minute recovery," Rockhurst head athletic trainer Jaime Rojas said.

"They get acclimated pretty fast. Typically we've got a trainer handy. We've got plenty of water, usually Gatorade, so lots and lots of liquid," Rietzke added.

These women are used to sweating it out on a hot summer day. Players said it gives them an advantage.

"It's really not that bad. I think when you first come in here, it's kind of a shock," Woodman said.

Thankfully this heat won't last forever.

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