Joe’s Weather World: Clouds and not so hot weather for awhile (THU-8/22)

Overall it’s not going to be too bad out there for the next few days…probably through the weekend as well. The air won’t exactly be refreshing all the time…but we should see lower dew points come into the area over the weekend for awhile. It may not be perfectly rain free through Sunday but it appears the vast majority of time will be dry for most areas.

The storms last night were pretty strong towards the southern part of the area but overall for the KC region it wasn’t much to write home about…I talked about this during the news last night…how I thought that there would be a better chance of heavier rains well south of the KC region…and that’s what happened.

  • Forecast:

Today: Lots of clouds…there may be a few isolated showers/drizzle popping up from time to time with highs near 80° later today with cracks in the clouds developing

Tonight: Partly cloudy and seasonable with lows in the upper 60s

Tomorrow: More sunshine and not too bad of a day with highs in the lower 80s

This weekend: A bit warmer with a mix of clouds and sun. There could be some random storms out there somewhere both days but nothing organized is expected at this point

  • Discussion:

From a weather standpoint we’re just going to be sort of in no man’s land for a few days. No major system affecting our region…which means that the moisture left behind from the mess that we just went through, which really didn’t do a lot for the KC area for rainfall…will hang around as well for a bit of time. The satellite images will probably be a good guide to getting through the days.

The better rains today will be south of the region…here is radar to see what’s happening.

Upper Mississippi Valley sector loop

The rain from the last few days though has sort of danced around the KC Metro area…

Of note in terms of the changes in some data today…is the NAM model, which has performed very poorly lately in my opinion…it now has some sort of wave coming out of the Rockies later Friday and moving east through the Plains region on Saturday bringing a rain chance with it later Saturday. The GFS has something developing as well for a different reason with a different located wave on Sunday AM. The EURO sort of has something going on too…in a weirder fashion with some sort of wave coming up from the southern reaches of KS and merging with something else and rotating around KC on Sunday…

Its worth monitoring and there may be a tick up in the storm risks on Sunday. So the weekend may not be perfectly dry at least during the 1st part of Sunday.

The bigger picture is a cool down towards the late part of next week…more on that as we get closer…heading into the holiday weekend.

As I mentioned though we’re sort of in no man’s land with regards to any real heat around these parts through the weekend at least…look at the forecast temperature anomalies…this is for Friday through Tuesday…

now a look at NEXT Friday through 2 days AFTER Labor Day

The GFS sort of has the same idea regarding the cooler push but is actually 1 day faster…bringing it in on Thursday before the holiday weekend.

Again though that’s well down the road.

Overall though…it seems the weather around here is sort of blah for awhile…which may not be a bad thing.

A couple of other tidbits…

The tropics have been a bit weird thus far this season…3 weak systems…including a barely there Chantal that developed a couple of days ago in the northern Atlantic.

There is a sneaky system off the SE part of the country…bears some watching I guess.

Dorian would be the next system.

OK that’s about it for today.

Our feature photo comes from ‎Stephanie Chor‎ up in Maryville, MO


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