Here’s how you can help Hurricane Dorian victims

BAHAMAS — Hurricane Dorian leaves behind a path of destruction as far as the eye can see in the Northern Bahamas. Thousands of homes, hospitals and businesses ripped apart, water covering everything in its wake. Families are trapped and lives lost. Right now, the U.S. Coast Guard is helping the Bahamas Royal Police rescue people from their homes. And we’re just beginning to understand how bad the damage is.

You can help raise funds for supplies and assistance that’s so desperately needed.

Several U.S. charities are sending medical teams, tarps, radios, food, water and other relief supplies. When they arrive, we will let you know and add to the relief campaign above. You can also contribute by clicking here.

Below are local organizations helping hurricane victims:

Red Cross
The Salvation Army
International Medical Corps
Heart to Heart International
Operation BBQ Relief

We will keep you informed as the storm moves along the U.S. east coast and more opportunities to help become available.

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