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Unmanned flying taxi takes first test flight in major European city center

STUTTGART, Germany — A company is pushing past the restraints of gravity in the name of transportation.

Volocopter, a company that manufactures fully-electric multicopters designed for air transportation, launched its first test flight in a major European city center on Sept. 14.

The company exhibited it’s aircraft during the Vision Smart City event in Stuttgart, Germany. Vision Smart City is a two-day event focusing on innovation around mobility of the future.

Public perception of ride sharing is has darkened over recent years as stories of kidnappings have surfaced. Auto-piloted cars are also now a part of consumer vehicles. Volocopter is trying to take off with both ideas.

The company has two models, the VoloPort and the VoloCity. The aircraft will be booked by a mobile app.

Officials with Volocopter said they are aiming for a commercial launch in three years, according to a report by TechCrunch.

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