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Missouri conservation center throwing birthday party for 2-headed snake

Picture of two-headed ratsnake

Picture from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

BRANSON, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center is hosting a birthday party for one if its most unusual animals — a two headed snake.

The western ratsnake turns two years old on Oct. 5, and the center is celebrating with cupcakes, crafts and animal viewing opportunities according to a press release.

A family found the snake, which they named both Tiger and Lily, in Stone County in the fall of 2017. The release states the snake has been doing well ever since, regularly shedding its skin and growing.

“The body has grown about two inches this summer, alone,” Interpretive Center Manager Alison Bleich said in the release. “Overall it is about two feet in length.”

As far as eating goes, Bleich said this is a little challenging. The snakes can’t both try to eat a mouse because they share the same esophagus.

“We have to keep the heads separate when they are eating,” she said

Bleich said a two-headed animal has much less chance of survival in the wild. In captivity, however, the chances are much higher.

The party will last from 10 a.m. to noon. No registration is needed. If you want to find out more, call Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center, call 417-334-4865, ext. 0.

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