“I’m OK!” – Kansas police officer takes a tumble after playing with kids

HUTCHINSON, Kan.  – An officer with the Hutchinson Police Department was trying to make a positive impact with children when she had a negative impact with the ground.

In the video posted on the department’s Facebook page and shared by KSNW, you can hear the officer interacting with children at a playground.

“Shall we race down the slides?” she asks.

The kids agree and the officer takes her place at the top of one of the slides.

“I don’t fit very well,” she says.

“OK, let’s see if we can do it,” a child responds.

Almost as soon as someone says, “Ready, set, go,” the officer says, “Oh, I’m stuck.”

But she gets free and continues down the slide and ends up face first on the ground. Her body cam even seems to freeze for a few seconds, while children in the background ask, “Are you OK?”

The officer gets up and says, “I’m OK.”

“You fell,” says a child.

“I fell,” the officer agrees. And then she gets a hug from the child.

The police chief later added, “Glad those young kids were there to help her up when she fell. This is how we build a strong community by helping each other through the hard times.”

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