Joe’s Weather World: Rain fades and fall arrives (SUN-9/22)

The worst of the rain is moving away from the Metro and overall, considering everything that has happened this weekend the forecast worker out rather nicely. A solid swath of 1-4″ totals fell in the KC Metro area and I’m seeing some near 5″ amounts in a couple of spots…one near Leawood.

Flooding wasn’t a huge issue but there were more than a few accidents this morning with the final batch of tropical downpours that moved through the area.

  • Forecast:

Rest of today: Cloudy with scattered showers or maybe even a few scattered storms IF we get somewhat unstable through 4PM or so…then the winds will shift and the rain will move away. Temperatures will struggle to get into the lower 70s it appears

Tonight: Rapid clearing and cooler with lows in the mid 50s

Monday: Fall starts in the wee hours of the morning (2:50). Great day with highs 75-80°

Tuesday: Pleasant with highs near 80 with increasing clouds.

  • Discussion:

No real need to get into the rest of the day as the heaviest stuff is moving away this late morning…

Radar indications are running on the lower side of the amounts that were recorded in many areas with the rain….

So overall I’m pretty pleased by the playout…


When it poured…it poured

We’re still waiting on the front to move through the area…that is still several hours away…probably mid afternoon.

We caught a break because a disturbance came up from the SC part of KS…and moved through around 10AM or so…that helped to end the heavier rains…

We’ll still get some showers though today and IF we warm up into the mid 70s+ there may be a few thunderstorms as well.

Tomorrow will be wonderful…

The next system may come into the area later Tuesday or more likely on Wednesday but Wednesday could be a bit of an iffy day in the area.

Temperatures overall this week look to remain above average most days (at least for highs) and lows as well after tomorrow. Heading towards the weekend looks even warmer with more humid air as well…so as we finish this very mild month of appears rather warm.

Our feature photo comes from Lesa Wardrip‎ out towards Parkville, MO


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