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Crime Files: Mark Davis [Podcast]

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 1992 was a violent year in Kansas City. The police department handled 151 homicides and nearly 135,000 other crimes across the city. In comparison the total number of crimes dropped to less than 90-thousand by 2016.

However, the year marked positive change for Mark Davis. He had a 1-year-old child and another on the way, his relationship with his mother was back on track and he was going back to school and church.

That positivity was cut short after Davis was shot to death right after a pick-up game of basketball.

Twenty-seven years later, his mother and police still don’t have answers to his death. They have a description of a car that matches another crime in the area, but that’s it.

Davis’ mother, Corliss, said his death has caused permanent, lasting pain in her family.

“It’s been a roller coaster and it will continue to be a roller coaster,” Corliss Davis said. “And I used to fight it, but now… I just stay at home.”

About 40 percent of the murder cases in Kansas City are unsolved. Many of those cases are considered cold. FOX4 Crime Files takes an in-depth look at some of these cases, each one representing a life lost, and loved ones searching for answers. Click this link to find more episodes of Crime Files.

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