‘Jesus shoes’ infused with Jordan River holy water soles sell out in minutes

A shoe company says you can walk on water in their sneakers, and they aren’t technically wrong. It’s just not in the way you’re probably picturing.

Thy’re called “Jesus shoes,” and for a cool $1,400 and some change, you can get the experience of following in Christ’s footsteps.

The shoes have water from the Jordan River injected into the soles.

The Brooklyn-based design company bought less than 24 pairs of Nike Air Max 97s for the “Collab Culture” venture.

In addition to the holy water blessed by a priest, the white kicks feature a miniature crucifix, frankincense-scented insoles and a single drop of blood on the tongue to symbolize Jesus.

The bottom of the shoes are also dyed a reddish tint to mimic the shoes worn by popes long ago.

The shoes released Tuesday and sold out almost immediately.

On the company, MSCHF says more will be available Oct. 22 and subsequent second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

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